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elopement photographer & inspired guide

backcountry weddings
for the WILDLY in love

    based in montana — ready for travel


you don't have to





make the day about anything other than you

A couple embraces and laughs happy tears during their ten year vow renewal on a cliffside in the Bitterroot mountain range of southwest Montana.

If you're here, chances are good that your dream wedding doesn't involve catering to hundreds of guests, a budget that would make A-List celebrities blush, or to-do lists longer than the Don Quixote saga.


The traditional wedding industry leads couples to believe that they need more — more florals, more decorations, more guests, more food, and increasingly extravagant displays of wealth that most people don't have. I believe that LESS IS MORE and that quality triumphs over quantity. It's not about how much "stuff" you have and you certainly don't need to file bankruptcy over another's concept of what your wedding should be.


If you've been needing someone to tell you that you have permission to do things differently, in a way that is UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU...


because you deserve the wedding you actually want

Montana-based adventure elopement photographer, Jesslyn Marie, explores Yellowstone National Park on a sunny, windy winter's day. The wind keeps blowing her hair around, and she can't help but laugh.

your one-stop-shop
for all things elopement

Years of photographing traditional weddings and even more years of backpacking and exploration in Montana and beyond have culminated into a passion for documenting your love for one another in the places we cherish most. But I am more than just your photographer — I am your INSPIRED GUIDE  to having the best day ever!

  • Location Scouting + Permitting
  • Tailored Timelines
  • Back-Up Plans
  • Vendor Recommendations
  • Professional Pack Mule
  • Epic S'Mores

You get the idea — whatever you need, I've got you covered for a stress-free experience, from initial inquiry to final gallery!


I welcome people of all ages, races, sexes, genders, sizes, abilities, beliefs, and orientations, fostering a safe, inclusive environment for all.

I stay true to my couples, the moments they share, and the land we explore together, both in person and through the services I provide for them.

I value quality above all else — in that of time, relationships, connection, service, experience, product — and choose to give only my best.

I am, first and foremost, here to serve and help others. I will go above and beyond to ensure that your day is everything you want and more!

what is it like to work with me?

Jesslyn is perfect in every way. I had talked to a couple of other vendors before Jesslyn, and I was getting discouraged. Some photographers don't listen to your vision ("Oh you have to do "x" or you'll regret it"). I sat down with Jesslyn and that was it. First of all, she's just a really awesome human. Second of all, she's passionate about helping her clients express THEMSELVES, not some traditional version of what weddings should be. She wasn't pushy with poses, she loved our campsite/backyard wedding vibe, and was there to support us every step of the way. Third of all, she takes beautiful photos. Doing an adventure elopement? BOOK NOW! Our engagement and wedding photos incorporated beautiful venues and she captured it, and our personalities, in the best way possible. 

Kate — June 2020, Montana


A newly wed couple stand side by side and kiss. They are surrounded by tall grass above a river with towering mountains in the distance behind them.

a day that gives back

Your elopement is helping to support under-served communities and the outdoor spaces that we love so dearly. A portion of all proceeds from bookings are donated to charities and non-profit organizations who work towards racial / social justice and equity, as well as those who are protecting, conserving, and educating others about our natural places!

so how does this work?
it's as easy as ...





Reach out and let's chat about your plans! Together, we'll answer your questions and custom quote for your day.

Heck yeah, time to celebrate! You're in the books and your dream elopement is well on its way to fruition!

Location scouting, permits, timelines, back up plans, and everything in between — I'll take care of it all for you.

All that's left is to show up, get married in the most authentic way possible, and have the best day ever!





backcountry weddings for the WILDLY in love