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meet jesslyn

the backpacking elopement photographer

Long before I ever considered being a photographer, I was an explorer. If I were given an ultimatum where I could only do one of those two things for the rest of my life, I would choose adventuring every time. That's not to say that I don't love photography — hell, it's what I went to school for! — but there's only the one outdoors compared to the myriad ways I can serve others by expressing myself genuinely. I've always felt most connected to myself and my community when out in some remote location that I have the privilege and ability to get to with my own two feet and see with my own two eyes.

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I've almost always taken my camera along for the ride, though, studying the subtly shifting light patterns and the contours of the landscape, come rain or shine, sleet or snow. Sharing these special places with others and creating a safe space for them to have an experience all their own is what I'm most passionate about. It's not about photography, hiking, or backpacking — it's BREAKING DOWN BARRIERS so others can live their lives beyond them. That I am given an opportunity to do so is why I take this particular job so seriously.


i'm jesslyn — the human behind the lens

Adventure Elopement Photographer, Jesslyn Marie, laughs as the wind blows her hair around while exploring Yellowstone National Park on a bright, sunny winter day.
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what makes me different?

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I am passionate about OUTDOOR EDUCATION.
I volunteer my time and expertise to various local and national organizations, teaching others about the Ten Essentials, Leave No Trace, map & compass navigation, and backpacking basics. With all this knowledge, I've put together some amazing resources to help you plan for your day!

Speaking of experience, I also received my degree in Film & Photography, developing not only my technical capabilities but my style and artistic eye while maintaining a level of quality that uniquely captures TRUE-TO-LIFE  imagery that you'll love — every time.

As someone who roams the backcountry solo, has taught countless classes on all things backpacking, and is certified in Wilderness First Aid, I'm uniquely equipped to help you have a   FUN AND SAFE elopement experience!

I am an ORDAINED OFFICIANT! No need to hire yet another person to tag along on your elopement day and get you married — unless you want to, of course! — I've got you covered.

Jesslyn Marie works her way up the rocky face of a bouldering problem at Moonstone Beach in California.

more than a photographer

I like to PUSH BOUNDARIES and my goal is to be a resource for those who choose to walk the paths less traveled. You want nothing more than to escape the trappings of tradition and do what feels right for you but with so many vendors saying, "No", to these ideas, it can feel impossible. That's where I step in to emphatically tell you, "HELL YES!" This involves taking amazing photographs for you, but also includes:

  • Picking the perfect spot to say your vows
  • Creating a plan for an unforgettable day
  • Being your personal pack mule
  • Helping you cross creeks and boulder fields
  • Making you world class S'Mores at day's end

You want to RISE ABOVE THE STATUS QUO  to create something that's true to you and I will see you through the entire process smoothly and effortlessly, whatever that might entail!

queen of s'mores

I have spent my time around campfires patiently honing this highly acclaimed skill and gleaning techniques from other s'mores masters, thereby perfecting the method in which I produce the quintessential combination of crunchy cracker, melty chocolate, and flawlessly oozy marshmallow for the ultimate s'mores experience. You won't be disappointed!

a few fun facts

I'm a HUGE GAMER GEEK of the board, card, and video varieties. My favorites include story-driven RPGs, puzzle-solving platformers, select FPS games, and Settlers of Catan — because how can you not.

The top five movies I could watch over and over again are:






I have an extremely wide taste in music that ranges from HEAVY METAL TO INSTRUMENTAL CLASSIC. If we're riding in a car together, chances are good that I won't mind listening to whatever you pick out!

A happy couple shares their first kiss after saying "I do" in an intimate, outdoor wedding in the Gallatin Valley outside of Big Sky, Montana. The bride joyfully smiles while they pull each other close.

what my couples are saying

We love Jesslyn. Seriously, she is the absolute best. From the get go we just clicked with her. She is so fun and down to earth while also being professional and talented. How she got so many amazing shots, I just don't know. She might also be a wizard. Our engagement shoot was perfect. We went down the Gallatin Canyon, which she'd driven and done some scoping of good spots the week before. A 2-hour round trip drive, you all! She was super accommodating when I complained about the wind blowing us like crazy and having a vision for something (which she totally nailed, BTW). After seeing those photos I was so excited for the wedding ones. She nailed it. Nailed it! Our day was so wonderful, just perfect and so much fun. The photos really reflect that joy and fun. It's been about 2 weeks since she got them to us and I still find myself looking at them almost daily. Besides her absolutely terrific work, she is a cool person. As in, I hope we get to hang out when we are back in Bozeman, cool. Like I said above we just clicked. I'd heard your photographer is the most important person you hire because you spend basically all day with them, which was true, but also Jesslyn did such a great job of getting photos of all the actions, not just with me, the bride. Seriously, I can't say enough great things. Hire her now. Just do it. Go. Do it now!


Stephanie — January 2020, Montana

backcountry weddings for the WILDLY in love