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flexible packages for your specific needs

Having witnessed first-hand those who have felt constrained by the expectations of a traditional wedding, I understand the desire to DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY. You don't want the same old thing wrapped in new packaging, rather something that reflects who you are as a couple. You want to dance on top of a mountain, not in a crowded ballroom.

So whether you want a relaxing day by a lake or an epic trip through the mountains, the choice should be yours because ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. I work one-on-one with you to create an adventurous experience that truly speaks to your soul. Your wedding day doesn't fit between the lines, so why should your photography collection be any different?


i do, too

frequently asked questions

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what exactly is an adventure elopement?

An adventure elopement is an intentional wedding day that COMBINES YOUR LOVE OF THE OUTDOORS AND EACH OTHER. Being out in nature, you are more present with yourself and those around you and, on the day that you vow yourselves to one another, what better way to go forward in your partnership? Whether you're getting married on a mountaintop or having an intimate gathering at a cabin in the woods, what matters most is that the focus of the day is on you.

There's no right or wrong reason to elope, but it might be the right choice if you:


  • Don't like large crowds
  • Don't enjoy being the center of attention
  • Want a more intimate day with your partner
  • Feel unsafe around certain family members
  • Want something out of the ordinary
  • Care about sustainability in your wedding
  • Would rather spend money on an experience


And so, so much more ... the reasons are endless!

why should we elope?

can we include family and friends?

YES! Due to the nature of an elopement, the guest lists are usually much smaller (I do up to 20!). This still keeps the day focused on you while also including those friends and family who mean the most to you that you'd like to share the experience with.

Just because you aren't flaunting yourself in front of a crowd doesn't mean your day deserves any less attention (if anything, more so!). Getting ready, hiking in, first looks, exchanging vows, exploring amazing landscapes, picnic lunches, campfire snuggles at sunset ... these moments deserve to be captured and, years from now, you will be so thankful that you did.

why do we need so many hours?

what if we're camera shy?

Not everyone likes to be in front of a camera and stiff prompts with silly cues don't truly capture you. My approach is drastically different, using gentle guidance based on your natural interactions with one another. My first priority is that you feel comfortable and safe, and that is how great images are made.

Once you inquire, I will reach out to set up a time to chat where we can go over your plans, ideas, and the process of planning your dream adventure experience! Once booked, we'll work together to fully create the legendary day that you'll be able to relive through a gorgeous gallery that was made just for you.

so how does this work?



why do you donate to charities and non-profits?

I strongly believe that every business, be it a one-woman-show or an international corporation, has the responsibility to give back to the communities with whom they work. As someone who both works and recreates in the outdoors with people from all backgrounds, I gladly donate so that they may continue to do the important work of protecting and conserving these outdoor spaces for others to enjoy, and lifting up under-served and under-represented communities!

pricing & package information

destination collections


With anywhere in the country to choose from, your options are nearly endless! From glaciers in Alaska to the sandy dunes of the southwest, buckle up for the adventure of your life!

  • 6+ Hours
  • Personalized Planning
  • Location Scouting + Permitting
  • Online Gallery of Hi-Res Images
  • Multiple Locations
  • Up to 20 Guests (Location Dependent)
  • Photographer Travel Costs Included

starting at $4500

A couple walks hand in hand on a mountain side, through wild grasses and boulders, surrounded by trees. The sun creates a beautiful rim lighting, making them glow. The woman looks back at the camera, flashing a beaming smile.

montana collections

Montana has some of the best scenery around, and I'm not talking about just Glacier National Park. High desert, rolling plains, and jagged mountains, the "Last Best Place" has it all!

  • 6+ Hours
  • Personalized Planning
  • Location Scouting + Permitting
  • Online Gallery of Hi-Res Images
  • Multiple Locations
  • Up to 20 Guests (Location Dependent)
  • Photographer Travel Costs Included

starting at $3000


A newly wed couple kiss as they hold out a wooden sign that reads, "We Eloped, Glacier MT, 10.10.2020". They stand at the edge of a lake on an overcast day, the blue and green mountains are hazy in the background.
A woman leans back and laughs as her fiance jumps up into her arms and kisses her on the cheek. They stand amidst a field of sage brush in autumn colors.

adventure sessions

Proposals, engagements, anniversary sessions, or "just because" — this option is perfect for smaller occasions that still allows for a little bit of exploration and adventure, too!

  • 2+ Hours
  • Personalized Planning
  • Location Scouting + Permitting
  • Online Gallery of Hi-Res Image
  • Multiple Locations
  • Local Travel Only

starting at $1500


not seeing something?

I am all about that customization life, so please don't hesitate to reach out! I'd be happy to discuss your vision and how I can help make that happen!


backcountry weddings for the WILDLY in love