meet jesslyn


I think it's safe to say that my number one passion in life is photography but I absolutely adore books. I've been known to be reading two or three at a time and will always prefer a good old fashioned paper copy over anything digital or audio. The feel of the pages between my fingertips, the visual accomplishment of seeing how far I've gone (and how far I've yet to go), the papery smell of a new hardback ... these are all things I cherish about the experience. One might say that making them by hand was a natural progression! Being able to combine my loves for photography, books, and physically creating something with my own two hands is a dream come true.


When I'm not out documenting weddings, you can find me in the mountains (and even then, I'm still photographing). I'm game for most anything, from rock climbing and barreling down mountains on a bike, to fishing, skiing, and playing hockey. However, backpacking will always be my number one jam, no matter the time of year. To exist in a wild place for longer than a day's visit is sacred to me and seems very akin to time traveling, seeing and experiencing nature the way it was intended to be. Summer trips to high alpine lakes are an obvious favorite but I do suffer negative temperatures in the dead of winter to get my fix, too. There's no such thing as an off season!


Almost more than my love for photography and the mountains is my love for sharing these experiences with others, most especially women. I'm extremely passionate about supporting and encouraging ladies to get out and crush it in the wilderness in responsible and ethical ways. I have taught numerous women's backpacking courses, including Map & Compass navigation, led women's backpacking trips, and I regularly volunteer with SheJumps to educate the up-and-coming generation of female outdoor recreators on how to safely enjoy the great outdoors while preserving it for future generations.


If you've managed to read this far, you deserve to know that I'm also a huge nerd! Fantasy-based fiction is, in my opinion, some of the best reading around, card and board games are a favorite past-time of mine (Settlers of Catan, I'm looking at you!), and I'm a total sucker for story-driven RPGs and puzzle-solving platformer video games. Yes, yes, I know ... I'm outdoorsy, how can I be a (gasp) gamer?! It usually comes as a shock to most people because I'm not an anti-social, lazy hermit. Most gamers are not, and I'm sorry that the media has portrayed them to you as such, so hopefully I can change your mind on that!


Lastly, but certainly not least, I am the Not-Self-Proclaimed Queen of S'mores. Yes, you read that correctly: I never proclaimed myself as such, rather I have several enthusiastic references to back up this claim. I've spent my time around campfires patiently honing this highly acclaimed skill and have perfected the method of producing the quintessential combination of crunchy cracker, melty chocolate, and flawlessly oozy marshmallow for the ultimate s'mores experience. You're curious now, aren't you? Even more curious is my pronunciation of the word "s'more" but you'll not know about either unless you ask me to your next campfire!